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WS adds embed functionality

A little triangle appears in the upper left corner, and opens up a world of possibilities for sharing music.

Are you in a Yellow or Aqua state?

ABC Regional Coverage Map

Man, I wish I was in a Yellow state. Big 12 Football is something to behold this season! I guess I’m pulling for OSU to upset Texas Tech….whatever helps the Longhorns get back in the race. I had a hard time finding this map–don’t know how long this link will stay active, but try http://sports.espn.go.com/ncf/news/story?page=coveragemaps2008

Spanking New Sessions

It’s hard to find playable versions of these videos if you are in the US. The MTV UK: “Spanking New Sessions” website block you out if you are in the US. I found a few on MSN. The similarities to Westside Sessions is so striking it’s hard to think that there is not some sort of connection. A Rolling Stone article states that SNS started in 2007. I shot the first Westside Session in Sept. ’07, and I can guarantee you I never saw a SNS until this morning. Maybe just a case of ‘great minds think alike’. I certainly like what they are doing — don’t agree with some of the editing choices, a few too many and unnecessary cuts, sometimes you just have to sit back and trust the material is entertaining enough on its own merit.

Spanking New Sessions | Lightspeed Champion | No Surprise
Spanking New Sessions | Lightspeed Champion | No Surprise

Cherry Ghost | Thirst for Romance | MTV Spanking New Sessions
Cherry Ghost | Thirst for Romance | MTV Spanking New Sessions

Tinchy Stryder | Something About Your Smile | MTV Spanking New Sessions
Tinchy Stryder | Something About Your Smile | MTV Spanking New Sessions


Why YouTube when you can Hulu?

Okay. Two posts about Hulu back to back. You’re going to think I’m on that site all the time, but that’s not the case. I just understand what kind of content you can find on the site – namely NBC and FOX products. Which is why I’d like to point out that this very popular clip from SNL this weekend can be found on Hulu! Why watch a low quality upload on YouTube that was ripped off of some news program (illegally, not that anyone cares these days)?

This version is ad-supported, which is the TV model. It keeps good programming broadcast to the public for free. Accept a quick pre-roll ad, and a small mid-roll graphic in return for high quality video delivered via legal routes. I’ll continue to highlight the best that Hulu has to offer, but give it a spin. The interface is cool and clean, unlike the obnoxious YT dogpile of random vids and get-rich spammers.

Bottom line. Funny spot, reminiscent of the good ole days of SNL. Let the parodies begin for ’08 politics:

2007 Fiesta Bowl

I don’t know how I missed this game, but I missed it. I’m a big TCU fan, so I was pulling for the like-minded BCS breakering Broncos. Also, I visited the campus earlier that year on business…how did I miss that game? Thank goodness NewsCorp makes the NCAA sign away their lives on the dotted line. Can you believe the whole game is available at hulu.com?!? Well, here’s the short cuts version.

If you don’t know what Hulu is, it’s worth investigating. The future of tv is uncertain but Hulu, netflix, and the Roku Box have me making certain presumptions. You? A year and a half ago, when I missed this game, I could not have imagined so easily embedding it on my blog. Enjoy.

Westside Sessions

I’m working with a company to promote local LA music, and what promises to be a fun and artistic collaboration between musician’s and filmmakers.


Soldering NEW/BETTER Outs on a SL-1300 Technics Turntable

Detail of the turntable’s ‘OUTS.’ With labeled connection points.Technics SL1300 Connections

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They Might Be Giants: THE ELSE

TMBG’s new album, The Else, is available on vinyl! Here’s a clipping from the TMBG’s newsletter:

Flansblog 9000
“We are on the bus! The Else hits the road, accompanied by a chihuahua named Lola! Big news on a few fronts – the VINYL album is in record stores (our first vinyl in over a decade) and will be at shows soon, but if you can’t wait scroll down for the link! In the recent milestone dep’t I think we might have forgotten to mention to you all that our myspace page now has over 50,000 friends, and TMBG were in the NYTimes crossword for the second time this year! Crazy man, crazy!

Okay – off to the radio station we go!

I emailed Rounder Records asking if they offer or plan to offer digital downloads with purchase of an LP, but it doesn’t look like its a feature of their site. Also, I don’t know if it’s an 180gram pressing, but I’m going to their show at the Avalon (Oct 4th), and I’ll get my vinyl copy there and report back in the comments.The Else


Yep Roc Records is another great label releasing tracks for free download with purchase of the artist’s LP as part of their Digital Now promotion.

click here for a news article from Yep Roc

Down With Wilco

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Bright Eyes New Album….April 10th

Cassandra by Bright Eyes
Cassadaga is Bright Eyes’s seventh studio album. There is a pressing on 180g Vinyl LP. It is a double-lp, and the album art looks well worth the $5 cost over the CD. Plus, for a limited time, if you order through the Saddle Creek Records online store, they are including an exlusive 45rpm 7″ with the Cassadaga non-album track “Susan Miller Rag.”


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