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Bright Eyes New Album….April 10th

Cassandra by Bright Eyes
Cassadaga is Bright Eyes’s seventh studio album. There is a pressing on 180g Vinyl LP. It is a double-lp, and the album art looks well worth the $5 cost over the CD. Plus, for a limited time, if you order through the Saddle Creek Records online store, they are including an exlusive 45rpm 7″ with the Cassadaga non-album track “Susan Miller Rag.”


Ranger Matt said,

June 1, 2007 @ 11:59 am

A must buy!!!! I got my copy this week.

The artwork is amazing. You must see it in person to appreciate it.

Biggest bonus is: every Saddle Creek record (as far as I can tell) comes with an MP3 download coupon. You enter the UPC of the record you purchased and a download code for one free full-album download!

I’m going to try to compile all the record labels I can find that have this same sort of MP3 / Vinyl LP combo offer. I really believe this could be the next wave in music delivery/distribution, and it only seems fair that if you purchase the album you have the right to listen to your music in a portable format. Much praise to Saddle Creek for offering downloads with 180g vinyl at a reasonable price.

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