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They Might Be Giants: THE ELSE

TMBG’s new album, The Else, is available on vinyl! Here’s a clipping from the TMBG’s newsletter:

Flansblog 9000
“We are on the bus! The Else hits the road, accompanied by a chihuahua named Lola! Big news on a few fronts – the VINYL album is in record stores (our first vinyl in over a decade) and will be at shows soon, but if you can’t wait scroll down for the link! In the recent milestone dep’t I think we might have forgotten to mention to you all that our myspace page now has over 50,000 friends, and TMBG were in the NYTimes crossword for the second time this year! Crazy man, crazy!

Okay – off to the radio station we go!

I emailed Rounder Records asking if they offer or plan to offer digital downloads with purchase of an LP, but it doesn’t look like its a feature of their site. Also, I don’t know if it’s an 180gram pressing, but I’m going to their show at the Avalon (Oct 4th), and I’ll get my vinyl copy there and report back in the comments.The Else

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