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Soldering NEW/BETTER Outs on a SL-1300 Technics Turntable

Detail of the turntable’s ‘OUTS.’ With labeled connection points.Technics SL1300 Connections

Bottom of Technics SL1300 Turntable

The bottom of the case comes off with just around 13 screws, which appear to be identical, so keeping tracking of their location isn’t necessary.

Technics SL1300 innards -- CLICK TO ENLARGE This is the view of the turntable’s innards, which will greet you after removing the outer cover. In the bottom-right corner you can see the stereo and ground outs, which were protected from view by a little metal cover that has been removed along with the cables.

oldconnectors1.jpgHere are the old cables, after being pulled away from their connections. The inner wire carries the signal, and the outer shield (often braided copper *see new cables* but in this case seems to be braided aluminum?) is twisted and soldered to ground. Here’s a link to a diagram of an RCA connector:

I used some good quality 6′ RCA cables, which will end up giving me a little more length and better quality than the 25+ year old original cables. These are standard A/V RCA cables, I pulled off the third “video” cable, chopped the connectors off one end, and stripped the insulation back.RCA cable stripped
Then I neatly twisted the braided copper shield.
RCA copper shielding

As shown in the first detail of the Technics’s output terminals, I identified the correct terminals and soldered the new cable into place. Then, I carefully taped back the delicate wires that carry the signal to the up and through the arm an into the turntable’s cartridge and replaced the protective metal cover, making sure not to pinch the wires. Because of the thicker new wires, I thought I might have to dremel the outer plastic case, but it squeezed on fine.Technics SL-1300 out cable solder

brian said,

January 22, 2010 @ 7:54 am

Thank you for this tutorial. I just popped the bottom off my table to take a look. I purchased my SL-1300 for $15 at a thrift store. The person who had it prior had simply cut the original rca out puts and twisted on new ones which I hope is the reason why i’m only getting the left channel out of the table and not some issue with the tone arm

Anyways, the picture where you show the twisted copper wire, what is the other metallic tubing? In the final picture it shows a red and blue casing.

Thanks for your help.

Haneef said,

April 10, 2010 @ 3:32 pm

Thanking you very much.
Can i know what is the ground please.

Best Regards

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