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Why YouTube when you can Hulu?

Okay. Two posts about Hulu back to back. You’re going to think I’m on that site all the time, but that’s not the case. I just understand what kind of content you can find on the site – namely NBC and FOX products. Which is why I’d like to point out that this very popular clip from SNL this weekend can be found on Hulu! Why watch a low quality upload on YouTube that was ripped off of some news program (illegally, not that anyone cares these days)?

This version is ad-supported, which is the TV model. It keeps good programming broadcast to the public for free. Accept a quick pre-roll ad, and a small mid-roll graphic in return for high quality video delivered via legal routes. I’ll continue to highlight the best that Hulu has to offer, but give it a spin. The interface is cool and clean, unlike the obnoxious YT dogpile of random vids and get-rich spammers.

Bottom line. Funny spot, reminiscent of the good ole days of SNL. Let the parodies begin for ’08 politics:

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